FAIRFORDkids began as an idea to have up-to-date information all in one place and be easy to find.

When looking for information, it was often scattered on various Facebook groups, physical notice boards, or word of mouth, and it wasn't always easy to know what was happening.

This website aims to keep it simple:

- everything happening in Fairford and surrounding areas is listed by day -

Simply click through and find the information.

- One-off events are in the event calendar -

The website is signposted via Facebook and Instagram as well, (just to cover all bases!)

We also list groups and classes that include parents- because that's just as important!


The website is still growing, so if there's anything you'd like to see, just drop me an email!


About Lizzie


Lizzie Garthwaite


Hi! I'm Lizzie and I moved to Fairford in 2017, just before the birth of my first child. I love Fairford and feel like it's a really dynamic place, with lots happening (pre-COVID in person of course!).

Even in these current times, there's still so much going on, but it's not always easy to find out details. 


With this in mind, I set up FAIRFORDkids to make things simple for all parents, carers and families with kids living in Fairford and surrounding areas. I felt that having an easy-to-use website would be a quick way to find out what was happening and to save you time having to dig around various social media sites.


As we move out of lockdown and tiers, connecting will be more important than ever. It's my hope that this website can be a helpful starting point for you all.

Right now, most groups, classes and events are online- to find them, just click on each day and it will note whether this is an online event or not. 

Our Mission

(it's quite simple, really)

To provide an online notice board to centralise and simplify information regarding children's groups, classes and events in Fairford and surrounding areas.

To provide all parents, carers and families with up-to-date information on all groups, classes and events in Fairford and surrounding areas.

To promote opportunities for connection for children and families in Fairford and surrounding areas.