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Health Visitor Team

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Cirencester Hospital
Tetbury Road


0300 421 8922

Working hours
Monday – Friday: 8.30am to 5pm

Team members

Health Visitors:

Rachel Wayman
Denise Bach
Sarah Harvey
Clare Roberts
Kate Bond-Powell
Jude McKenna
Sarah Smithson

Public Health Nurses:
Hannah O’Neill

Community Nursery Nurses:
Christine Greathead
Nicky Gee
Tracey Pocock


Parental Support

Little Bundles Food Packages

Little Bundles

Are you expecting a baby and fancy some free meals delivered to your door?

Our volunteers cook as many meals for you as we can over a fortnight and deliver them to your door,

all for free.

All dietary requirements catered for.

Please contact us for more information:

Facebook page:


Embrace is a group of people who have experienced a wide range of family planning difficulties, including infertility, miscarriage, traumatic birth, stillbirth and neonatal death, among others.  We offer each other friendship and support as we discuss our experiences and seek to live well in the light of them.  We can also offer practical support to those experiencing these difficulties now.


We meet monthly, in Fairford.


If you have any interest in getting involved please do get in touch for more information.


Contact Kate: 01285 712565 or

Shine Bright Support

We are a charity founded by a family that have experienced childhood cancer and all the upheaval it causes.  We understand how difficult it is for every member of a family when a child is diagnosed with cancer.  We know the trauma childhood cancer causes and want to support the child, their siblings, parents and even grandparents. 

We are a small charity with big ideas.  We are currently concentrating on families that are treated at Oxford Children’s Hospital and the ‘split’ site hospitals that offer treatment when the child is at home. In the future we would like to support families and children in treatment all over the country.  We also hope to develop training and education packages for professionals that have contact with families, who have received treatment, to help them understand how best to help them.